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History of Riviera Pools

Since Roman times, engineers and builders have struggled to provide a durable, convenient and affordable way to enjoy swimming pools close to home. Not until recently did that dream become truly feasible for everyone. That solution is now yours to enjoy with the Riviera line of fiberglass pools.

Pioneered in the USA, our polymer glass fiber process was perfected in the rugged Australian outback. The blistering desert sun and powerful UV rays of Australia meant that only the very best materials and treatments survived. It was the perfect place to gain experience. When we returned to the United States with our designs, they dramatically exceeded the standards set by housing codes and competitors alike.

Even after three decades in the industry, we’ve never slowed down in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Now offering 22 styles in eight eye-catching colors, we have a shape and style for every swimmer and every backyard.


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