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Fiberglass Pool Manufacturing

Riviera Pools are built in a climate controlled 35,000 square-foot facility to exact production standards designed to ensure top quality. These cannot be surpassed by the typical pool, which is built on-site. Riviera Pools’ shells use no fillers that could affect structural integrity. Only the best and purest components are used in manufacturing. We use no inert ingredients.

Our exclusive manufacturing process means years of low-maintenance enjoyment for you and your family.

Manufacturing at a Glance:

We do not use or condone fillers.
Our construction standards and procedures are unmatched in the industry, providing you with the best possible product.
We have some of the best-trained and most experienced staff in the business.
We use up to 50% more material on our pools than American Standards require.
When you buy a Riviera Pool, you can be assured that you’ve bought the absolute best fiberglass swimming pool available.
Here’s an overview of the painstaking process we use to manufacture our fiberglass pools:

Mold Preparation

Workers clean and prepare a mold to ensure it’s in perfect condition before it’s used to create a pool. The creation of every new pool is carefully logged and documented.

Gelcoat Application

Three layers of gelcoat are sprayed onto the mold. The mold is left for a short time between each spray. Each stage of gelcoat application must pass stringent quality control tests before proceeding to the next stage.

Epoxy Vinyl Ester Application

This durable material is sprayed onto the coated mold to give the pool its waterproof quality. It is measured and carefully applied so that it matches the surface area of each individual pool, whatever size. The product is then left to cure before being checked once more by quality control. If it passes inspection, it’s ready to move to the final phase of the manufacturing process.

Fiberglass Re-lamination

The first layer of fiberglass is applied as a “skin.” Once the skin layer has been completed, the pool undergoes a reinforcing stage with the application of Klegcell PVC close-cell foam. Workers fit the pool with lifting lugs, which allow it to be moved by crane for easier transportation. At this stage another layer is applied to cover all work and provide one last layer of reinforcement. The process is now complete.

We’re committed to maintaining a very high standard with our fiberglass swimming pools. Each pool has a corresponding manufacturer sheet to ensure that the correct quantity and quality of materials have been used. Research and development in conjunction with our suppliers is a very high priority for us. It helps to ensure that our products are always modern and unique.


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