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Fiberglass Pool Installation

Because Riviera brand pools are built under ideal factory conditions, the time spent in assembly is much shorter than with other types of construction. The landscape disruption and building time is kept to a minimum. This ultimately results in a pool that is both surprisingly quick to install and remarkably affordable.

Riviera Pools are built to exacting standards in a climate-controlled production facility. This means that a pool owner is assured of conditions ideal for quality control. Our factory tolerances and uniformity policies minimize the irregularities that sometimes happen on the job site. Avoiding these problems means fewer delays.

Our fast installation also means that delays due to bad weather are less problematic and inconvenient. Our goal is to get you from signing papers to swimming laps as quickly as possible.

All it takes is a phone call or an online order. Make sure to ask about our affordable monthly payments. You really can afford these pools on almost any budget.

Here’s exactly what to expect from the installation process:


For accuracy, a design template the same size and shape as the pool you purchased will be used to plot the placement of your fiberglass in-ground pool. A dig print is used for the excavation that is specific to your pool’s design and shape. The installation team digs the hole meticulously to avoid unnecessary back-fill. This care also prevents unwanted ground settling when it’s time to fill the hole back in.


Your fiberglass pool arrives at your home on a truck-trailer. The installation team unloads the pool from the trailer and lowers it into place. A compacted bed of gravel will have been previously prepared for it to rest on. Guide stakes, string lines and laser levels are used to ensure accurate placement and leveling.


After placing the pool on the gravel bed, the installation team walks the pool floor to ensure that no voids or humps were formed during placement. They add water to the pool while simultaneously back filling the hole. Throughout this process they carefully make sure the pool remains level.


While the installation team fills the pool with water and neatly fills the hole, they also connect the pool to the equipment pad location, making sure that all plumbing is tight and free from leaks.


After water has been introduced and the back-fill completed, the team preps gravel as a base for whatever decking you choose to place around the pool. Typical decking involves concrete or pavers. Leveling, shape adjustments and bonding are completed at this stage.


At this point the concrete decking, pavers or combination of the two are installed around the pool. The team adds accessories and features such as handrails, ladders, water sheers or deck jets.


With the pool decking complete and the yard cleaned up, the pool is officially ready for the owner.


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